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Mrs Harris, Miss Solomon and Mr Haycock

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Rocking Rockets!

We had some success with our rockets. We adjusted the use of our cork, the amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar to make our rockets more effective. Some went quite high!


Our Rocking Musicians in the Rock Steady Concert. We were very proud of you all!


Fizz Pop Rockets!

Neil from Fizz Pop came and worked with Hawking class on developing their understanding of the way rockets worked. They also explored the forces acting on rockets. Hawking class impressed Neil with their knowledge of Forces!

Greek Day!

What a fantastic day! We created our own Olympic wreaths, tasted Greek food and explored the Comedy and Tragedy of Greek drama. Some of the costumes were stunning too!

A selection of our activities. Including RE drama, designing our own games in teams for others to play and our fierce debate about the existence of zoos.

Ancient Greeks PowerPoints