Phonics is how children begin to read and write. We use Letters and Sounds as the basis of our phonics programme.  Click here for the full document.

We have developed our teaching of spelling to become more of an investigative approach. The children will be given examples of the rule but then asked to find some of their own examples. When a spelling rule has been taught it will assessed through dictation using a variety of words that apply the rule learnt. This will support the children in applying their understanding of spelling within their writing when attempting unfamiliar words.

Mersham Primary School aims to teach cursive handwriting, beginning in Early Years and continuing through to Year 6.

Early Years promotes book talk to engage children in books and stories by looking at the pictures and discussing what they understand before they then move on to books with words. All children will be given many opportunities to read across the curriculum. The minimum expectation is for the children to read at home three times a week.

What is it? It stands for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. All of these areas have always been taught in school, however, recently there has been a huge emphasis on this and the expectation of grammar terms the children should know and at what age, has changed drastically.