School Uniform

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Kent School Uniform 


Most children in school wear our uniform of an emerald green sweatshirt with a school logo, white shirts or polo shirts, and grey skirts or trousers and black flat shoes. During the summer the girls may wish to wear  green gingham dresses.

Although it is not compulsory, parents are encouraged to provide their children with a standard school uniform wherever possible. Parents wishing their children to wear alternative clothing must apply in writing to the Headteacher.

The school policy currently promotes the wearing of black, flat footwear, with a preference for black shoes, which are usually water resistant, more durable and can be easily cleaned.

Fleeces, sweatshirts, tee shirts, book bags and PE bags may be purchased online.

It would be appreciated if all the children’s school clothing could be clearly marked with their names. A selection of anonymous sweatshirts at the end of a PE lesson causes considerable problems!


Your child will need a PE kit consisting of:

A house coloured tee-shirt, black shorts and black plimsolls and/or trainers. During cold weather children may wear a tracksuit or school sweatshirt for outside games. In order to assist with organisation and to ensure your child can take part in physical activities we recommend that their PE kit should be clearly labelled, kept in a separate bag – a drawstring bag is best as our hanging space is so limited – and be available at all times during the week. For health and safety reasons tights or leggings may not be worn. If your daughter wears tights to school in winter then a pair of socks will be required for PE.

Gymnastics and dance are normally performed in bare feet in the hall unless there are medical reasons.

Swimming lessons take place in the Spring Terms 1 and 2 for Key Stage 2 pupils (Juniors).

If you would like to try sizes on, the office often has some to hand. Please do feel free to pop in.


Small earring studs may be worn, but we ask that these are taken out or covered with tape for PE and Games lessons. If necessary we reserve the right to put tape over the ears of children wearing earrings for PE lessons to ensure that they do not scratch other children. The only other jewellery permitted is a simple watch. For health and safety reasons, we will ask all other jewellery to be removed. 


Children with long hair should wear their hair suitably fastened back for schoolwork and PE. We ask that children do not have extreme hairstyles, such as tramlines or partial shaving, and that hair is kept tidy.