Whole School Curriculum

During the school year, each class’s work is planned around a series of subject-based topics, lasting half a term or a term (c.6-12 weeks). Our topics are organised so that all areas of the National Curriculum and learning objectives for each year group are included over the year.

We are fortunate to have developed our fantastic physical resources to provide unique opportunities to use the outdoors in order to make children’s learning experiences more interesting, motivational and relevant.

Classroom displays focus on aspects of the topic and support learning. Teachers and support staff work hard to make classroom work stimulating, engaging and meaningful to the children. Our curriculum reflects the needs and experiences of our children at Mersham Primary School.

Check your child’s class page for regular curriculum updates. 

For further information about the National Curriculum, please click on the National Curriculum Tab. 

The Mersham Century

At Mersham Primary School we aim to equip children with a truly broad and balanced curriculum. The Mersham Century comprises of 100 amazing experiences for the children to complete during their time with us.

 The First 50 in Duckling Class, Penguin Class and Parrot Class

The Final 50 in Robin Class, Kingfisher Class, Toucan Class and Falcon Class

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