Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting

There no specific way that schools are directed to assess and record the progress of children. It is therefore up to each school to develop its own system. At Mersham, we considered a number of approaches and systems before deciding upon The 21 Steps.

Reporting to Parents

We know how important it is to establish positive relationships with the Parents of all our children. In this respect we welcome any comments about school policy and practice and are happy to spend time explaining the work we do with the children. We hope that you will let us know immediately if issues do arise, in order that we can avoid small problems becoming a major source of anxiety.

We aim to establish a close, understanding relationship between home and school so that children feel secure. Part of this communication process is the way in which we report to parents. Here are some of the ways we keep in touch:

  • Formal consultation evenings: these are held twice a year to enable Parents to meet with their child’s Class Teacher and discuss their progress.

  • Walk-in Wednesdays: on the first Wednesday of every month you are invited to come into class at the end of the school day to look at your child’s work and find out what they have been up to. 

  • Reporting to parents: we provide a short progress report (academic and social/behavioural) at the end of terms one and four, followed by a written Record of Achievement of each child’s progress at the end of term six.

  • The results of the SATs taken by all children in Year 2 and Year 6, as well as results from the Year One Phonics Screening Test, are sent home at the end of the academic year.

  • Mrs Chalkley (Headteacher) is available on the gate nearly every morning as a point of contact. 

  • Mrs Benjamin (Deputy Headteacher) is available Wednesday-Friday.

  • Teachers are also available at the end of the school day for any quick queries. 

  • From time to time you may wish to discuss a matter affecting your child. A meeting can be arranged between you and your child’s Class Teacher and/or the Headteacher or deputy Headteacher at a mutually convenient time. Appointments in this respect can be made through the School Office. 

  • In Reception class, parents are also able to access Tapestry at home.