Subject Knowledge and Skills

Subject Knowledge and Skills


How do we ensure that our children retain their knowledge and understanding of specific subject areas?

We use a variety of techniques to ensure children retain and secure their knowledge and understanding of particular subject areas. Teachers may refer to our Knowledge  and Skills Organisers and children may take part in low-stake quizzes throughout a topic to ensure key facts and information are regularly revisited. Children are taught in cross-curricular topics to help them make links in their learning and teachers make it clear to pupils when they are working on specific subject skills.

Our Progression of Knowledge and Skills Documents

These documents ensure that we have a balance of knowledge and skills acquisition across the curriculum. These are carefully mapped and progressive from Early Years through to Year Six. 

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Topic Grids and Bloom’s Taxonomy

We utilise Bloom’s Taxonomy to structure the planning for each of our topics. This ensures that we have sufficient challenge for all pupils across the curriculum.

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Whole School Curriculum Overview

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