Subject Knowledge and Skills

Whole School Curriculum

Our whole school curriculum is carefully mapped to ensure children experience the National Curriculum in an engaging and exciting way. Each year group teaches the curriculum through ‘Topic Based Learning’, where each subject links to a central theme. These links are carefully thought out and occasionally subjects are taught discretely to avoid the links to the Topic becoming tedious or diluted.

Progression of Knowledge and Skills Documents

We have a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum and the documents linked below map the knowledge and skill acquisition in each subject area. We are currently reviewing these to ensure that they are suited to our school context. We anticipate that these should be completed in each subject by September 2023, but will be added below throughout the year as each subject is reviewed by the teaching staff. 

We use a variety of techniques to ensure children retain and secure their knowledge and understanding of particular subject areas. Teachers may refer to our Knowledge  and Skills Organisers and children may take part in low-stake quizzes throughout a topic to ensure key facts and information are regularly revisited. Children are taught in cross-curricular topics to help them make links in their learning and teachers make it clear to pupils when they are working on specific subject skills. We are in the process this year, of further developing our curriculum by creating ‘Ready to Progress’ Criteria in each year group for each of the subjects to ensure children can be assessed accurately and are ready to move to the next phase in their learning. 

The Mersham Century

To further enrich the learning experiences of children at Mersham, we have created ‘The Mersham Century’. This is a list of 100 additional learning opportunities that the children at Mersham enjoy. The first 50 are for Years R/1/2 and the second 50 are for Years 3/4/5/6. The children collect stickers each time then enjoy of of the new experiences.